The Mai Wah Museum occupies two historic buildings in Butte's Chinatown. Exhibits include

  • The Butte Chinese Experience: Overview of life in this ethnic enclave of 1870s-1930s Butte.
  • Digging Butte's Chinatown: artifacts from the 2007 archaeological dig across the street from the Mai Wah.
  • Wah Chong Tai Mercantile: 2,500 original artifacts make you feel as if you are in the original general store.
  • The Chinn Family Story: Life and times of the extended family of Albert Chinn, owners, managers, and residents here from 1899 until the 1950s.
  • Mai Wah Noodle Parlor: a feeling for a 1920s Chinese restaurant in Butte.
  • The Cheater Story: come see for yourself!

This blog spotlights news, artifacts, events, and people associated with the Mai Wah Society and Museum. Please visit the web site for more information—or better yet, come see us at the museum. We're open all year by appointment.

Contact Us

Mai Wah Web Site

Location: 17 West Mercury Street •  Map
P.O. Box 404, Butte, Montana 59703
(406) 723-3231 • info@maiwah.org

10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  Tuesdays-Saturdays, June-September
All year by appointment

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